The Street Style Trend

The oversized t shirts have become one of the trending trends in the fashion industry. Many celebs like Miley Cyrus have been spotted wearing these over sized t shirts. This style of dressing is more derived from the streets. The reason for this trend being so popular is that the t shirts are extremely comfortable because of it’s over sized pattern. And the best part is that they effortlessly make you appear cool. Any person irrespective of height, weight, and colour can easily carry these trendy street style t shirts.
If you want to appear casual yet trendy and fashionable, these sporty over sized t shirts are just for you. They pair well with leggings particularly black ones or a knit beanie. You can make the outfit more funky by simply throwing on some leopard prints or pewter-toned chain link necklace. To get that girly touch, touch some rosy lip balm. And to add to your tomboyish look, through on some dark mascara or eyeliner. Don’t forget to add some dark shimmer on your nails. To complete the outfit you can wear some sneaker or regular bellies will also do you good. Now for the bag, throw on a back pack or a side bag goodie.
You can also glam up with a tunic-length t shirt for a night out by wearing it over a black sequined slip dress. The sequined slip peeking out beneath the t shirt will make you the coolest and trendiest person in the room. Add black pointed-toe shoes with a sporty tear detail, and keep the top half of the look just as glam by wearing sparkly crystal earrings.
On a night out, don’t forget to carry all your essentials right from lip balm to handkerchief in your little satchel. The street style t shirt will give you a bold as well as a cool look even though it may appear the most casuals of all.

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