How to carry yourself in worn out jeans?

Worn out jeans make a statement of more than plain Jane. They are way casual, slouchy and extremely trendy. Every girl needs to own a pair of worn out jeans. Worn out jeans go best with converse or flip flops and if not that any elegant pair of accessories and white t shirt and you are flaunting your style non other than worn out jeans. But here is more to the worn out jeans.
Always pair your worn out jeans with a good pair of shoes. Be it any jeans, but a right pair of shoe will do wonders for your appearance. To get a ladylike look, pair it will high heels, and to get a girl next door look pair it up sneakers or flats. Since the worn out jeans will be pretty slouchy and loose, you might want to wear a nice fitted top to balance the whole body. If the lower part of the body is loose and ill fitted you need to make sure that the upper body is well fitted and structured. Crop tops or jackets or t shirts will look good on the poor fitted worn out jeans.
If you are an instant dresser than the worn out jeans will be your life savor. You will grab them any time and simply pair it with a sharp blazer. This will evenly balance the loose and sharp cut. Getting a layer over the worn out jeans could be a tricky business after all. Too many layers can look shabby and bad. When it comes to worn out jeans you need a balance. You cannot afford to be to slouchy. Again, if loose at the bottom, fitted at the top. Or vice versa.
Worn out jeans could be slouchy, but not too baggy and wrong fitting. A right and perfect fit can thus create a difference. So the next time when you head out to buy a worn out jeans make sure that it narrows down to your ankle. The best way to wear them is to cuff the ankles. This will show some skin and completely balance the loose fitting of your jeans. Worn out jeans are light in color and a little washed away kind. You can also opt for a dark shade if you like. And do not forget to add a belt to it. It will will give you a smarter look and nice waistline and will also hold up those loose ill fitted worn out jeans.

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