5 Beauty Hacks For Monsoon

Umbrella – check, gumboots – check, raincoat – check. Looks like you’re ready for monsoon, but is your skin also prepared for monsoon blues? Check these 5 easy hacks to get your skin ready for the monsoon.

The shift in weather and humidity level makes skin dry and flaky in monsoon, which is why it’s important to hydrate your skin a lot. Try and keep lightweight nourishing moisturizer with you and use a hydrating face mask once a week.

Don’t forget your sunscreen
Although it’s monsoon and the sun is not usually visible on most of the day, it’s vital to protect your skin with the sunscreen due to the unpredictability of the weather. Hence, to keep your skin shielded from the fickle UV rays, it’s recommended to always wear sunscreen before stepping out.

Say no to oil
Given that its monsoon, humidity in the skin rises and our skin tends to get oily naturally. However, it’s important to keep away from oily skin as much as possible by following a proper skin-care regime and using products that are not greasy. Make sure you’re cleaning your face at least twice a day with lukewarm water.

Exfoliation is always a good idea
As your skin loses its moisture, it also loses its natural glow. To retain the natural glow, exfoliate often to get rid of excess sebum, dead skin cells and dirt.

Keep away from breakouts
Rainwater and sudden weather change may invite breakouts and acne, add to it dust on your face. Remember to not overlook your daily cleansing rituals and stay away from oily products that may clog your pores and encourage breakouts and acne.

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