Good Hygiene Habits

Germs and parasites can enter the body through skin and open spaces. These germs cause many diseases and serious conditions that are very harmful for health. Maintaining good hygiene can prevent many health problems by stopping the entry of germs in the body. It is the best way to protect from diseases and being healthy. Infection occurs when humans are exposed to germs through food, water, clothing and toilets. Developing hygiene habits helps in eliminating the risk of getting infections. Following are some good hygiene habits that help in preventing diseases.
Washing the Body
It is important to wash the body by bathing or taking shower. Take bath daily. Sometimes, people who go for camping are not able to take bath due to unavailability of water. Sometimes, there is no water supply and there is problem in taking bath. People who face these situations should dip sponge or cloth in water and clean the body with this.
Washing Hair and Hands
Wash hair with shampoo two or three times in a week. If the hair is washed daily, it removes the sebum.  Rub soap on hands and wash with water after using the toilet. Dry the hands after washing them. Use clean paper or cloth towels for drying the hands. It is important to wash hands before cooking food and eating it. Wash the hands after touching the pets. During the daytime, the germs enter the body while working and playing. The harmful microorganisms can be deposited in nails and hands. Washing hands will ensure that the germs do not enter the body. Washing hands helps in preventing conditions like cold and gastroenteritis. Use hand sanitizers. The sanitizers that contain alcohol are the best as it kills the germs.
Wear Clean Clothes
It is important to wear clean clothes. If the clothes have become dirty, wash them with soap and water and dry them outside in the sun. Dry the clothes by hanging them. The sunlight kills germs that cause diseases. Wash underwear and socks before wearing them. Avoid wearing dirty underwear and socks.
Dental Care
Dental care is an important part of hygiene. Brush the teeth daily twice. Many teeth and gum problems can be prevented and cured by brushing teeth after eating food. Do brushing after eating breakfast and before sleeping at night. Do flossing and use mouthwash. Mouthwash helps in preventing bad breath by giving a nice smell to the breath. Clean the tongue with a tongue scraper.
Cover the Face
Cover the face while coughing and sneezing. Use tissue or handkerchief for covering the face. It helps in protecting nose and mouth, as the germs can enter the body during coughing and sneezing. It prevents spreading of germs from one person to another. If mouth and nose are not covered, the germs spread to other people and this can lead to spreading of infections like cold and flu.
Hygiene While Travelling
It is important to take care of hygiene while travelling. Many diseases can be prevented by drinking bottled water while travelling. Avoid using tap water for cleaning the teeth. Wash the hands and dry them properly before eating food. If the water is not safe for use, avoid washing fruits and vegetables with this water. Drink only boiled water. Dry the utensils and dishes after washing them.

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