6 Excellent Tips For Skin Care

Every woman wants a beautiful, clear and glowing skin. Smooth and soft skin is liked by everybody. It is important to take care of the skin and adopt a skin care routine that helps in curing skin problems. Use cold water for washing the face. Hot water makes the skin moisture dry and it can harm the skin. If you have dry skin, do oil massage. Use of toner can help in preventing tightness and flakiness of skin. Eat fresh foods that make the skin healthy. Foods that contain vitamins and protein are very good for the skin. Include these foods in the diet. Some of the best tips for skin care as follows. Use these tips for gaining a healthy and great skin.
Skin Care Routine
Wash the face two times daily. Use mild soap for washing the face and massage the face while avoiding scrubbing. Do not over wash the face. Apply benzoyl peroxide lotion to eliminate oil and bacteria from the skin. Exfoliate the skin by using masks and scrubs. Use a moisturizer.
Avoid Touching Pimples 
Do not touch the pimples. Control the temptation to break the pimples as it can release the liquid of pimples due to which the infection is spread to other parts of face. It can cause swelling, scarring and redness of skin. If you are concerned about pimples, consult a dermatologist for a proper treatment. It can help in preventing infection and formation of scars. People who have body acne should avoid wearing tight clothes. Tight clothes cause irritation when the air does not pass through it.
Using Makeup
If you have to apply cream and makeup on the face, wash the hands before doing it. Use makeup remover for removing makeup before sleeping at night. Buy makeup brands that are labeled as noncomedogenic. If the old makeup items are emitting smell or changes color, it is better to throw it and avoid using it.
Avoid Sun Exposure
Sunrays are one of the main causes of skin damage. Avoid sun exposure and tanning. Use sunscreen that has SPF 15 or 30. Use moisturizers that contain sunscreen. Tanning can worsen the problem of acne. It is very harmful for the skin. Tanning can cause formation of wrinkles. It is one of the main causes of skin cancer, therefore avoid tanning.
Curing Dark Circles
Use home remedies for curing dark circles. Place cotton dipped in potato juice on the eyes in a closed position. Wash off after ten minutes. Apply tomato juice mixed with lemon juice on the affected areas two times daily. Grind almonds, add milk and make a paste. Apply on the dark circles. Wash off after ten minutes. Mix pineapple juice with turmeric and apply on the affected areas. Apply cream that has Vitamin E as well as C on the affected areas at night. Apply crushed mint leaves on the affected areas.
Using Homemade Scrubs
Use homemade scrubs for moisturizing the skin. Grate cucumber and water melon. Add lemon juice to it. Blend all things to make a face pack. Use mashed bananas for curing blemishes. Use tomatoes for curing acne. Take little tomato juice, add lemon juice and milk cream to it. Apply it on the skin while massaging in circular motion.

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