Bring the summer style in the fall as well

So when the fall is arriving what do you do with your summer clothes? Dump them and take them out when its summer right? I mean everyone does that. Those summer clothes will be laying eggs in the closet until summer returns. But here is a nice funky way to wear your summer style in the fall as well.
The tank tops in which you flaunt all through the summer could be a great outfit for the winter as well. You don’t just have to wear a tank top and stroll in the cold weather. Wear the tank top as an extra layering item. In the fall, you will find that it is pretty chilly in the morning so wear the tank top as an extra layer when you leave home in the morning. The afternoons get pretty hot, so just take off that extra layer. You can wear those tops under the sweater or blazer.
A sundress and a jeans jacket and boots is a perfect summer style. If you want some change, you could wear a sweater instead of a jeans jacket. There is no stopping to the sundress. Just as a tank top can be an extra layer, a nice cute T shirt can also also act as an extra layer during the fall. Wear then under jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters or blazers. One thing that you can certainly wear any time of the year is the funky capri pants. The fall is not so cold after all. Instead of wearing those summer capris with flip flops, wear flats or long boots.
Flats can be worn any time again. They are not only trendy but very comfortable. They look great with skinny jeans, skirts or dresses. As long as there is no rain or snow, the flats will keep you warm enough. And now if you do not have capri, do not go for capri shopping instead wear leggings. You can easily wear them as an extra layer right under your skirt or any sweater dress. But do not wear flats. Go with boots. How many of us would ever wear shorts in the fall? Absolutely no one! If you have shorts and if it is the fall, take out those shorts and wear them over your tights or leggings. There you get the 90’s look. So even in the fall you will still get to wear your shorts.

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