How to wear a beanie in style?

Beanie? How to wear a beanie? What so difficult in wearing a beanie? Beanie would probably the most simplest of clothing, right? Patching it on the head is all you got to do with a beanie. But what if you know that you could style up with a beanie? Here are few ways in which you could easily style up your beanie.
So for starters go with the regular beanie style. Try wearing your beanie on the forehead with a downward angel at the back of your head. Ensure that it covers your ears. This the simplest way of wearing a beanie. And it will keep you warm in the winter. If not covering the ear then try t o keep it natural. But then when you do it in a natural way you have to consider your hair as well. Many people wear their hair out while wearing a beanie. That is quite stylish. This is the most natural way of wearing a beanie. It is easy. All you have to do is let your hair down and wear a beanie. That easily you just created a style statement.
Some let loose their hair while some prefer wearing a braid with a beanie. Wearing a braid with beanie means that you are not only flaunting style but are also securing your hair. But make sure that the braid is loose and not too tight or tight at all. This will be super useful on windy days. And when you have to take off the beanie untie the beanie and comb your hair through your fingers for that natural waves. And if you have bangs, then you have tons of option with your beanie. If you have full bangs, wear the beanie bit further back on the head. This will avoid the bangs from flattening on the forehead. Or else scoot your bangs on one side. This way they will peak out from the front of the beanie. And if you are not comfortable with the bangs and the beanie, then pull all the bangs backward.
A slouchy beanie is also in fashion. They give you the perfect cool look. Just wear them a little behind and push them backward on the head to get the loose slouchy look.

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