Adopt the Eco-friendly avatar

These days everyone is turning eco-friendly. They are adopting to the more of greener way of life. A simple say no to plastic is not only the idea of Eco-friendliness any more. Being eco-friendly is much more than that. These days you will also find fiber jeans along with some amount of plastic are made. You can act more eco-friendly by purchasing accessories and clothes from an eco-friendly clothing line. The eco-friendly clothing lines make their clothes from organic fibers and recycled fabric as well. Here is a list of few of the eco-friendly clothing lines that will help you in getting the right go green themed clothes.
The Alabama Chanin was set up in the year 2000. Natalie Chanin is the force behind this eco-friendly clothing line. The clothes here are totally hand made by the artisans in the US. The fabric used in 100% organic and to add more, all the designs are extremely unique in their own ways. Sadly it will dig a hole in your wallet but it is totally worth it. Grace and Green is another eco-friendly boutique. This one resides in California. They have both women and men clothing line. This set of clothing line makes clothes for daily wear. Did you know that they also make eco-friendly swimsuits? Oh, yes they do. These people are so eco-friendly that even their packing material is biodegradable.
As the name suggests, Eco Closet is another eco-friendly clothing line. You will find their boutique in Brooklyn. The clothes made here are all recycled, or are organic. The best part is that sale price here is extremely affordable. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart established Vaute Couture. Leanne started with winter coats and then set up an eco-friendly clothing line. You will find comfortable and casual eco-friendly clothes like sweatpants, t shirts and skirts. These all clothes are made from recycled fabrics.
Two best friends, Mina Yazdi and Olya Dzilikhova, established the Mina and Olya eco-friendly fashion label. They use organic fiber and create beautiful clothes. Loomstate is another eco-friendly set up which is mainly into the manufacturing of eco-friendly T shirts. These T shirts are made from organic cotton. They also design dresses. And lastly, People Tree is another eco-friendly fashion label which was established is 2007. It was established by Safia Minney. She has received many awards and recognition for her fair trade movement. Original they were set up in UK but then seeing the popularity and demand they have become a global icon.

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