How to wear a crop top in any body type?

Crop top is very common these days. It is a fashion statement that every girl wants to follow. Crop top is very hard to give up. Bet, every girl wants it. But then some girls don’t wear because they feel that they will not look good in it because of their body type. But crop top can come in variety of patterns and length. Every women can wear a crop top. Here is a crop top trick for every body type.
First of all, forget about the body type for a minute. And focus on the length of the top. The length also plays an important role in crop top. Different crop tops suit different body. But the best ones are the one which beautifully and perfectly sit on the waist, irrespective of the body type. If you want a crop top then except high waist jeans. A crop top looks good only with a long and upper waist pant or jeans or skirts. The less you show your skin, the better it is. And do not forget, stilettos.
A crop top could be a little bold and daring. So try keeping it low and conservative. Like for instance, a colorful cropped top can be worn on a trouser or short while a strapless crop top could be worn beautifully with a mid skirt. Proportion is also very important. A crop top can look good with the right length and proportion. If you have a loose fitting crop top, wear pencil skirts or cigarette style pants. Girls with liner figure will look great this way. And if you are a little healthy then the crop top will show your perfect curves.
Decide what styling statement you want to flaunt. If you want to show a toned stomach then go for a shorter crop top. If you have good arms then go for a sleeveless crop top. All you have to do is experiment. If you do not like showing your tummy the wear a jacket or coat on the top. This way you can show very little skin. So the mid section will not be your focal point.
For people who do not like showing their skin, you can wear an over the top crop top. It is super simple and very classic yet stylish. All you have to do is wear it over a top. These over the crop top may come in collar or without collar. Over the crop top are also available in sweater material. There, you have a wide variety of crop tops to choose from, which one are you planning on getting?

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