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How to Select Prom Music?

Charged with one of the biggest roles in a school prom night? Well, someone has to be in charge of the music. You’re not just going to pipe in the local rock station through the P.A. all night; most high-schoolers only get one prom, and it has to be great. If you’re tasked with creating the set list, keep the following things in mind to make it a great time.
1. Stick with the modern era
Digging out archaic tunes from the “old fifties” (sixties, seventies) is okay for a novelty dance, but this is THE PROM and concessions to the day must be made. That’s not to say you can’t throw in a great mo-town hit or rocking old-school tune once in awhile, but be careful; going too retro will get some negative feedback, no matter how much you may enjoy Blue Oyster Cult.
2. Keep the pop tasteful
No matter how much you (or others) may be tempted to go all-out for the uncensored Britney Spears double album or the pre-retro Cristina Aguilera soft-core, there will be young people at the event. Again, there is a line to be walked (or at least drawn) when considering the raciness of today’s pop music.
3. Keep it positive
With other genres like hip-hop or country, you will want to practice tastefulness as well, staying away from tunes that either blatantly or in subtle ways denigrate other people or demean a gender, etc. Make your hit list radiate positively, inspiring a new generation of prom-goers to stop hatin’ and start spreading peace and good will (as campy as that sounds).
4. Keep it dance-able
Don’t forget, the reason the kids are there is to have a good time! Dirges are a no-no at a prom; yes, even new tunes like those of My Chemical Romance or other popular bands have to be at least minimally upbeat or have a dance-able feel: keep them on their feet and loving the night.
5. End with a bang
Hold back some of the big power songs until last. It sounds simple, but a plan with a grand finale really can energize a crowd. Your job is to keep the crowd going, and for that, you’ll want to be selective with your real wild grooves, spacing them out to keep everyone engaged throughout the night.

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