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Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Surprise your mother on the mother’s day by throwing in a party for her. Invite her best friends and some family relatives. It is not necessary that you have the party on mother’s day only. It could be held on the Saturday before depending on the availability of your mother; only in case is she is not a housewife. No matter whom all come for the party or when you plan on throwing one, just make sure that your mother has a beautiful time and has a memory for a lifetime. Make her smile and fall in those happy moments that you plan for Mother’s day.
One of the important things is sending the invitations. You can try sending the invitations by traditional way, that is, snail mail or by technology, emails. In case you are posting them, make a nice customized card to invite your guests. Make sure you add the basics like venue, timing and so on. Just in case you do not have enough time to mail or post the invitations, simply call. This way you will get a perfect idea as to who will come or not for the party. As it is going to be surprise party for your mother, make sure you warn all the guests about it.
Decorations are very important for a party. They are the life of the party. The decorations should always be according to the taste of the person for whom the party is hosted. Decorate the venue, be it a home or any other place with flowers of your mother’s choice. If the party is at home, then change the look of the party hall by putting some beautiful family photos. Display a banner saying, “We Love You Mom”, or “Happy Mother’s Day”.
Just because it is a mother’s day, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a theme party. Theme parties are always fun. They not only add up to fun but also of the excitement of who will wear what. Make sure the theme for mother’s day party is something of a decent way. Something like a colour code or dress code of 50’s could be good mother’s day party themes.
Another important thing in parties is the food. Menu should be of your mom’s and other relative’s choice. A special mother’s day cake is a must on the party food list. Two to three varieties of drinks should be made available. If possible prepare food at home or get it arranged from a good restaurant. Also add some music to the party. See to it that you have some nice soothing light music and not a rock concert. A little loud music is okay just to lighten the mood.
Bring on some party games. All guests invited to party would enjoy celebration of Mothers Day only when there are games to play. You can plan out some special games with your friends to be played with your mom and her friends. Some interesting games which can be played on mother’s day are dumb charades, song competition, passing the parcel etc. And most importantly don’t forget to video shoot the whole event. Maybe later you can gift her, the whole events CD as souvenir.

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