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How to throw a Christmas Party?

What is that one thing that bugs you badly post 25th December every year? You have them very year and the only thought that pops is how do I do something different the next year? There you hear the jingle bells and your heart starts to pound. A million dollar question that haunts you day and night- how do I throw a Christmas party?
We know that just like Christmas songs are enjoyable so must you Christmas party too. It has to be memorable enough, so don’t worry, here we are to help you out of this mess.
For starter, you need to make a list. A list of who will be coming for the party. Then jot down what do these people like and how much exactly am I willing to spend. Then pick a nice convenient date for your Christmas party. The date should work best for all the people who need to be there. Unless this is an annual party that typically involves only your closest friends and family, be certain to pick a date no later than mid-December. A good Christmas party date usually takes place the first or second weekend of December.
Once that is done, just send out the invitations. Do this two to three weeks before the party date. Send your invites by e-mail, unless it’s somebody you feel needs a more personal phone invitation. Not everyone takes e-mail seriously or checks it regularly. If you suspect this is the case, an alternative invite may be appropriate. Here is a list of things to include in your email- date and time of the party, venue, decription of the party, complete contact information, etc. And just in case you don’t hear anything back from the guests, resend the invitation a few days before the shindig.
The best place for a party is your own house. This way you can always make your guests feel at home. And also it will cut the cost of hiring a hall or hotel. The main event of the party is the food. Make sure you include something commonly liked recipes on your buffet table. A stomach full guest is always a happy guest. Make sure you don’t run out of drinks, dips and snacks. Always use paper cups and plate as it will save you time of cleaning the dishes. Justin case you want to avoid all the catering of food, remind your guests that it is a potluck dinner. This way every guest will get some dish or the other. Not only it will help you but it will also involve you guest into the party.

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