Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to Throw a G Rated Bachelor Party?

In today’s society, the bachelor party has gained an infamous reputation for being a night of drinking and debauchery. However, a bachelor party does not have to include all of the components that have caused the event to gain such a bad reputation. There are plenty of options to host a bachelor party in which the groom will be able to face his bride the next day without worry.
1. Plan a full day
Now this is dependent on the approval of the bride, but it really is much easier to make a full day out of a bachelor party. When you limit your party to the evening, you also limit your options. This is often why most bachelor parties are based around bars and strip clubs because there really aren’t that many other options.
2. Plan a series of events, not just a party
Parties are fun, but your bachelor party can be much more than that. Book a tee time for golf, go to the lake for the day for skiing and wake boarding, or plan to go camping. This is your chance to experience the single life for one final time, so live it up.
3. Plan the food
Your day is not complete without food. If the wedding is during the summer, the barbecue is your best bet. Go to the supermarket and pick up different meats from brats, to steak or hamburgers. Make sure you have plenty of soda or if you are all over 21, plenty of beer. Just because your party is G Rated, doesn’t mean that you can’t drink.
4. Keep the focus on the groom
The greatest part of throwing a bachelor party is embarrassing the groom. Make him wear a plastic ball and chain the whole day, or make a home-made ridiculous T-Shirt and force him to wear it. There are plenty of options to make a fool out of him without causing his soon to be wife to divorce him before they even say “I do”.

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