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How to Select Bachelorette Party Favors?

A well-organized bachelorette party is a gift to the bride she will always remember. Many details go into planning and executing a bachelorette party. One often-overlooked detail is party favors. Party favors are the lingering mementos of the night you all shared and a great way to give back to your guests.

  • Decide What Type of Favors You Want

1. Match the party favors to the party
If you’re planning a wild and racy bachelorette party, get favors to match it. You might, for instance, give out erotic candy at a party that has an exotic dancer.
2. Select favors to be worn
One great way to get guests into the spirit of the party is to give them something to wear. Feather boas, for example, are festive and show people who’s with the party if you go out on the town. They also make it easy for you to find each other in a crowd.
3. Choose favors with a purpose
Nametag favors and apparel that designates each guest’s title are great icebreakers for parties where everyone doesn’t know each other.
Shop for Favors
4. Visit a site
Like to sort though a wide selection of favors designed specifically for bachelorette parties. Shot glasses are a popular choice for barhopping parties.
5. Compare prices between competitors
Many different retailers sell the same or similar favors so you might as well select the one that has the best deal. Check out to browse through some bachelorette party favor staples.
6. Purchase more favors than you think you need
You want to have enough in case some get broken or a few uninvited guests show up.

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