Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to Plan Prom Activities for Teens?

Prom is known as the last hurrah of the school year for many seniors going off to college. However, parents are often concerned about the safety of their teens on prom night, because prom night is notorious for underage drinking and reckless behavior. Simple mistakes can affect your teen’s future. Planning supervised prom activities can help reduce the likelihood of accidents on prom night.
Some steps-

  • Plan an after-prom party at your house. To avoid last-minute party crashers, ask your teen to make a list of friends to invite over.
  • Decide whether or not you will allow the kids to spend the night. Offer to make a group breakfast before sending the kids home the next morning.
  • Speak to the teens’ parents before allowing a group sleepover. Reassure the parents that adults will be present at all times.
  • Rent a karaoke machine for low-cost group entertainment.
  • Notify your neighbors of your planned activities. They may be more receptive to the noise level if they understand that you are offering a safe post-prom party.
  • Contact the manager of your local bowling alley. Many bowling centers host lock-in parties, so they may be willing to host after-prom bowling activities.
  • Rent out a local clubhouse or skating arena if you don’t want to host the party at your house. Plan for this to be an all-night event. Make sure the teens know they will be staying until daybreak.
  • Consider having an inflatable party. Traditionally for younger kids, an inflatable center may allow the teens to come and party all night.

Think about other items available for rent, such as rock walls, sumo suits and obstacle courses. These fun items can be set up in warehouse-type locations.

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