Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to Plan Games for a Bachelor Party?

Though characters in the movies may be able to get away with throwing together a bachelor party with a six-pack and a stripper, real-life parties need a little more help to keep everyone from falling asleep. To create a fun and lively atmosphere at your bachelor party, you’ll definitely want to plan games for your guest of honor and all his friends.
1 Consult the groom before making any plans
You don’t have to give the whole party away, but you want to get a feel for what he wants for his bachelor party and which games would be appropriate to plan for him. Never assume you know what the groom wants, since you may be surprised to find that your normally wild friend would prefer a tame night just hanging out with his buddies, while your bookish buddy wants to experience his first (and last) night at a strip club.
2 Gather ideas for the bachelor party games well in advance
Knowing what games and activities you would like to have at the party may actually help you decide on other details like the venue and food as well.
3 Time your games appropriately
Icebreaker games should be planned for the beginning of the festivities so everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other and become comfortable enough to participate in the wilder games. Drinking games should come somewhere in the middle of the night if they are to be included–late enough that the fun isn’t ruined by people becoming overly drunk too early in the party, but early enough that most of the participants have adequate time to sober up before heading home.
4 Print out “Oath of Secrecy” certificates and have each attendee sign one before the party begins
This generates a sense of fraternity, whether it is done completely in jest or with a hint of seriousness.
5 Develop scavengers hunt to create an ongoing element for the whole night
It doesn’t need to be the only game planned, but it can keep the excitement level up throughout the party.
6 Pass out old keys at the beginning of the party to everyone except the groom
At some point during the night, stand up and make a speech about how the bride has made her choice, and anyone who still has a key to her apartment should give it back now. Then, hold up a small bowl. Everyone should come up and place their keys into the bowl, which should start to overflow for an even greater comedic effect.
7 Multiply your fun by using planned elements in several different ways
For example, plan a game around the stripper if there is to be one at the bachelor party. Print out a quiz asking questions about the stripper and pass them out after she leaves, awarding the person with the most correct questions a small prize. Ask questions about the stripper’s name, hair color, eye color, what she was wearing when she began her routine and what music was playing as she danced.
8 Plan a grand game of poker
Using real money for bets may get ugly for some of your guests, so plan on using poker chips. You can also spice up the party by using fun items like snacks, beads or photos of bathing suit models.
9 Get physical with often-overlooked teamwork games using paint ball or squirt guns
Websites like Bachelor Party Fun give you ideas for ways to incorporate these games into your party, and list several other playful activities you may not have considered

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