Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to plan bachelor parties?

It’s a big covenant when you are charged with the responsibility of planning a bachelor party for one of your best friends or family members. Traditionally, the bachelor party is the groom’s last big night out on the town. But some groom’s might not be perfectly into partying. So whether your friend wants to go to all the best clubs in town or would prefer a weekend camping or a trip to the beach, so put some planning according how the requirement is and the bachelor party is sure to be a success.
1 Choose the type of party you will be throwing-
Bachelor parties are not all wild affairs that end up at the local gentleman’s club, so find out what the groom’s expectations are. He might want a traditional last night out, or he may desire something much different. Work with him to choose the type of party he wants and go from there.
2 Work with the groom on a guest list for the party
The guest list may be largely determined by the type of party you are throwing. For example, a party at a local bar might have a larger guest list that a weekend in Las Vegas. Remember that a larger guest list will mean a larger party budget.
3 Decide what the budget for the party is going to be
If you are paying for the party yourself, choose an amount you are willing to spend and work to remain under it. When other groomsmen or friends of the groom will help you pay for it, talk with them to find out how much they want to contribute and set a budget together.
4 Set a date.
Bachelor parties are generally about two weeks before the wedding, but if you will be having lots of out-of-town guests, you may need to work with them on the date.
5 Invite your guests and make sure they know what type of party it is and how long it will last, especially if you are planning an overnight trip
While formal invitations sent through the mail are fine, you also can informally invite people through email or a phone call. Invite your guests at least two weeks prior to the party. However, out-of-town guests may require more notice. Parties that will be overnight or even longer also require more notice, so people can make arrangements with work, children and other commitments.

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