Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to Follow Bachelor Party Etiquette?

While a bachelor party is generally a time for men to gather and cut loose a little, there are still some simple rules of etiquette that guests should follow to make sure the evening stays fun and doesn’t veer into dangerous or illegal territory. Most times, if you use common sense, you won’t find yourself violating too many standards of etiquette…after all; many bachelor parties have pretty loose standards when it comes to guest behavior!

  • Behave Yourself at a Bachelor Party

Make sure you eat a good meal in advance of the bachelor party, particularly if only snacks (as opposed to more substantial food offerings) are expected to be available. As alcohol consumption generally accompanies a stag party, it is best to moderate any potential over-indulgence by giving your stomach a good base to work with.

  • Make an arrangement for conveyance

Encourage guests to use a designated driver program or have a person present whose role for the evening is offering rides home to guests. At the very least, make sure the people attending your party have access to a taxi service.

  • Limit the alcohol to avoid problems

Moderate your alcohol consumption, particularly early in the night. Many a times bachelor parties have turned out to be a marathon, not a sprint, and you shall be capable and in form long enough to enjoy yourself. Mix non-alcoholic beverages between stronger drinks. Water or unsweetened fruit juices make the best choices, as sugar- and caffeine-laden soda acts as a diuretic and can even dehydrate your body further.

  • Avoid sensitive subjects and keep the party mood

Keep the conversation away from sensitive subjects such as religion or politics, particularly if the alcohol is flowing freely and you find yourself in the company of people you don’t know very well. More than one bachelor party has culminated in fisticuffs because participants did not follow this piece of advice.

  • Entertainment quotient shall be on

Treat the hired entertainment with courtesy and respect at all times. This bit of etiquette is particularly necessary if, as often happens, a female adult entertainer will be adding to the evening’s festivities. The host should explain any ground rules that may be in place during such an occasion, and if he does not, the lady in question will certainly be more than happy to. Abide by her wishes. She’s there for no other reason than to do her job. Let her do it.

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