Baby Shower

How to plan a baby shower?

Baby shower is a very special reverence to a woman. Honoring your special friend or relative with a shower is a touching gesture in itself. How you add your personal touch will send it over the top. Plan a baby shower that the mom-to-be will love.

  1. Choose a date for the shower. Typically reserved for weekends so that out-of-town guests can attend, the shower will likely need to work for several people’s schedules.
  2. Ask the new mom to create a guest list as early as possible. It will give you an idea of how many people you can accommodate in a certain venue, while providing you with other important planning info.
  3. Choose a theme. What is mom doing for the nursery decor? If the baby has yet to be born, does she know if a boy or girl is on the way? Using the mom’s input, find a theme you’ll both have fun with.
  4. Select and mail invitations. Choose or make invitations based on the theme.
  5. Choose what foods to serve. Finger foods are usually a hit–from cheese and crackers, various dips and fruits and veggies to an array of desserts. Avoid serving alcoholic beverages out of respect for the guest of honor.
  6. Create or purchase a cake for the baby shower. Bakeries have many fun themes to accommodate the theme of the shower you’re hosting.
  7. Choose decorations. You may opt for the traditional balloons and streamers, or do something different with fresh flowers as centerpieces.
  8. Plan a few games for fun. There are varieties to choose from, from over-the-top goofy to plain and simple, like guessing the number of jelly beans in a baby bottle. The Internet is a great resource for finding creative entertainment for your group.
  9. Purchase a special book for the mom-to-be to place memories, details about gifts given and photos from the special day.

Buy packages of thank-you cards in advance and have guests self-address their envelopes. You’ll save the new mom time when she goes to write her cards.

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