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How to Host a Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower?

Select invitations that compliment the nursery rhyme theme. Send out invitations to your guests and consider making the inside of the invitation rhyme.
Many nursery rhymes have some element of nature in them – Little Bo Peep, Old MacDonald, Rock a Bye Baby and Little Miss Muffet all conjure sweet images of animals and nature. Take your cue from Mother Nature’s color palate when planning the decorations for the shower. Decorate the room with pictures from your favorite storybooks. Get them blown up at your local copy center and hang them on poster board or foam core.
Forego traditional streamers and hang clothes line around the room instead. Hang one sides, bibs and burp cloths that match the color and theme of the party. You can also order custom tags for the baby shower with nursery rhyme graphics but leave the text blank. Use these tags to label food at the buffet, or use them as place cards for the guests if you are having the baby shower at a restaurant.
Games are an integral part of baby showers. Pick one or two nursery-rhyme themed games for guests to enjoy. Some ideas include who can list the most nursery rhymes, fill in the blank to complete popular (or not so popular) nursery rhymes, and name that nursery rhyme – give guests a line from the nursery rhyme and have them fill in the name of the nursery rhyme.
Favors and Prizes
Give out nursery rhyme themed favors for this baby shower. You could copy a quote from your favorite nursery rhyme and have it printed on coffee mugs, or potholders for everyone.

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