Baby Shower

How to make easy home made favors for baby shower?

Store-bought baby shower favors are often expensive, but homemade favors can often look cheap. You don’t have to settle for either, however. Make inexpensive homemade favors that have a personal touch and look just as good as expensive store-bought items.

  1. Spray paint 2-inch terra cotta flowerpots pink or blue. Allow the spray paint to dry overnight.
  2. Cut 2-foot pieces of raffia or curling ribbon off a spool. Place on in the bottom of each pot. These serve as the filler for your favors.
  3. Place a votive candle on top of the raffia. Votive candles can be purchased in bulk in a variety of colors. Pick one to match the pot of your favors.
  4. Add candy to the favors. Sprinkle blue or pink candy or some other candy in the homemade baby shower favors, if desired.
  5. Place in a clear plastic bag or tulle wrap. Add curling ribbon in your selected colors.

Some more ideas below that would help make pretty decors for a baby shower.
Baby Shower Banner
One idea for a homemade baby shower banner is to string up a row of cloth diapers, each painted with a letter of the baby’s name or the letters that spell out “Welcome” or “Congratulations.” You can also cut card stock into squares and use a contrasting color of card stock to cut out letters. Paste the letters onto the card stock squares and string them together to spell out the desired words.
Tissue Paper Flowers
Tissue paper flowers make an inexpensive and impressive presentation for tables at the baby shower. To make tissue flowers, you need to layer four sheets of tissue paper cut into 10-inch-by-5-inch rectangles neatly on top of one another. Fold each stack of tissue paper accordion-style, making each fold a 1/2-inch wide. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded tissue paper, and twist the ends together to make a stem. Gently pull apart the layers on one side of the pipe cleaner, fluffing to make flower petals. Repeat on the other side.
Diaper Cake
A diaper cake is a popular decoration that is also useful after the baby is born. Purchase several packs of diapers, and roll each diaper into a tight roll, securing each one with a decorative ribbon. You’ll need 60 to 80 diapers. Place a large bottle of baby lotion on a cake platter. Wrap diapers around the bottle and secure with a giant rubber band. Make a second and third ring around the bottle, and secure the final ring with a rubber band and a thick, decorative ribbon. Make the second layer of the “cake” with two rings of diapers and the third layer with only one. Each layer should have the same decorative ribbon. Top the “cake” with a large bow.
Baby Jar Candles
Another decorative idea that’s perfect for a baby shower is candles in baby food jars. After cleaning out the jars remove the labels and decorate the outsides of the jars with ribbons or other decorative items. Place a votive candle in each jar, and place a few jars at each table. Avoid scented candles if you are serving food or if any guests are sensitive to artificial fragrances.

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