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What to wear to a baby shower?

Whenever an event comes up, the most important thing that eyes up is the clothing. And when the gathering talks about women only, then your attire is something that needs to be paid more attention to. So when you have a women event like the baby shower, you need to you’re your dressing according to the occasion, not so glittery and not so simple either. If you’ve got a baby shower on your social calendar, put some thought into what you’ll wear. Baby showers vary greatly when it comes to attire. An outfit that is appropriate for a baby shower that takes place in a friend’s living room or backyard may not be for one that is held at a banquet hall or restaurant. It’s best to find out as much as you can about each baby shower so you don’t run the risk of sticking out and feeling uncomfortable.
Consider the venue, as well as the season, for the shower. Dress in layers for outdoor baby showers and be prepared for weather changes. Because games are a traditional part of many baby shower festivities, always dress for comfort and ease of movement. Refer to the invitation for clues about the proper attire. You could also ask other attendees what they will be wearing. If everyone else is wearing jeans, you should, too. If the other guests are unsure, contact the person who is planning the party for guidance.
Dressier Baby Showers
If the event is taking place in a restaurant or banquet hall, wear something you consider appropriate for a wedding, such as a conservative dress or a blouse and slacks in dressier fabrics. Because baby showers are traditionally held during the afternoon, choose lighter fabrics — and wear layers, if the climate dictates — in softer colors. If you are attending a baby shower in the winter, use heavier fabrics and darker colors for the bottom half of your outfit.
Some more instructions that would help you as to how to dress yourself up for a baby shower.

  1. Select “dressy casual” clothing for a shower at which cocktails will be served.
  2. Dress in casual attire for a party held at a sporting event or for picnics.
  3. Read between the lines: Wear pearls and cashmere if you’ve received an engraved invitation for tea and crumpets; wear jeans and a sweater for a backyard barbecue.
  4. Choose “corporate casual” for showers that take place after work – most people will be in work attire.
  5. Find out what other people plan to wear before choosing your outfit.

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