Baby Shower

How to sign a baby shower card

Babies bring joy, happiness and excitement to friends and family members of the expectant mother—and to the expectant mother, of course. Baby shower cards usually do a good job of providing the congratulatory message you want sent, but to make your card more personal, add a message of your own. Write something special, personal or general to share your excitement and joy for the expectant mom in the baby shower card.     Baby showers, like many occasions in which gifts are given, can bring up a variety of etiquette questions on how to handle the details of giving—or even accepting—gifts. Addressing a baby shower card should be a simple and straightforward, although the proper way to address the card depends on the exact situation. Consider whether the shower is a girl’s only or couples celebration, which parent you know, if the couple is married or living together or if the mother-to-be is doing it all on her own when addressing the card.

  1. Purchase a baby shower card from the store. Most chain department stores carry a selection of baby shower cards.
  2. Think about the message you wish to inscribe. Don’t stress over the message, whatever you write will be perfect.
  3. Write your message. Make it short, but sweet. Examples of messages include: “Babies are a gift from heaven. Congratulations,” “Congratulations on your new bundle of baby fun” or “Babies bring joy, love and happiness. Enjoy your new little miracle.”
  4. Take your card with you to the expectant mother’s baby shower and give the card to her.

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