Prom and Bachelor Parties

How to Find the Perfect Prom Date?

Prom is an important part of youth, a rite of passage that you don’t want to miss. It’s a night to get dressed up, go out to dinner and dance the night away. It may also be your last big event with high school friends. You want to make the night special so the memories last a lifetime. Choosing a suitable prom date will enhance those memories and give you someone to reminisce with for years to come.

  1. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that attending prom is important to you. Ask if he or she would like to accompany you. If he or she doesn’t share your sentiment, tell him or her you are going to find a friend to go with you.
  2. Invite a good friend, one whom you trust, to attend prom with you. Make clear that you want to attend and share in prom memories strictly as friends.
  3. Ask friends or family members to suggest a suitable prom date. Often people want to go but don’t want to risk rejection, so they avoid asking someone.
  4. Organize a group prom date. If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend or can’t find a special friend you want to invite, find friends that want to attend together as a group.

Also if these don’t help, you can step on choosing date as you always wanted

  1. Admit to yourself that you’ve been crushing on that special someone. Prom is the perfect time to get to know her better. Prom can be just the event to kick off your relationship.
  2. Think about whether that person will have a good time at the prom. Maybe prom is right up their alley or maybe they’ve never been to a school dance in their life and have no intention of starting now.
  3. Take a quiz to determine if he’s the right date for you. Answer the questions honestly and see if he’ll be fun to be with that night.
  4. Try to figure out which friend would be a good prom date. It should be someone who you can have fun with, talk to and not worry about. You don’t want to go with someone who you feel will make unwelcome advances on you.
  5. Identify a “Stage 1 Clinger.” You know what we’re talking about–someone who will be breathing down your neck the entire night. Unless you’re in love with your date, you don’t need or want them to be attached to your hip.
  6. Go with a group of friends and don’t worry about a date. Some people have more fun at the prom with their buddies than with a date they don’t really like anyway.

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