The perfect clothe for every body type

Every girl is fascinated by clothes. These does not mean that every girl gets to wear what she wants. The biggest hurdle in getting the perfect clothes is the body type. Girls have to think twice before getting the set of clothes they like. That is true and not stereotype. To look good in clothes you need to have a suitable body type or else it really looks bad. A girl with big hips and tiny waist will certainly look bad in a trouser. This is just one of the body type problem, there are much more. So, here is the perfect clothing for every body type.
A column body type is tall. These are quite lucky ones. They not only have beautiful long legs but also they have no issue of short or long sleeves. They simply go well in anything. Crop tops are meant for these ladies. A bell body type is where you will find a thick waistline and bigger hips. This figure is most seen in middle aged beauties. For such a body type you will need to create a balance between the lower and the upper portion. Opt for clothes that will make you look like you have broader shoulders.
Another body type is the cello body type. You will notice that in this body type the upper as well as the lower body is equally heavy. So opt for V necks more. This will reduce the impact of your bust line. This may sound weird but there is a body type called as the goblet body type. The goblet body type will look like someone with wide shoulders and tapering to slender legs. So your legs will be your focus point. So skirts is something that you should opt for than trousers. Also try V necks, which will take away the focus from your bust area.
The lollipop body type is what we see around us. People envy this figure. These people have really long legs and a busty chest. The models usually have this body type. Yes the models do have this body type but since they are so damn skinny it is not noticeable. A boot cut trouser and clothes with waist details is what you should add to your wardrobe. This will help in keeping the focus off from the chest. The cornet body type is with broader shoulders, small bust size, no waist, real slim hips and long sexy legs. Skinny trousers and curvy tops is what you should be wearing. And the last one is the vase body type. This is longer waist, curvy, equal and balanced chest with slim thighs and legs. This is the classic hourglass shape. It is simply sexy and every damn dress looks great on this body type.

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