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What is the importance of Mental Health?

Everyone says that physical fitness is important for a good health but they forget about the most important thing and that it is mental health. If a person is mentally unfit then he cannot be physical fit because the body of the human being works under the instructions of the mind so firstly mental fitness is important then it will keep the physic also fit. Good mental health helps the person in enjoying his life or living his life in a better way in fact it strengthen the person to cope-up with the problems. So every person should take care of their mental fitness for the better living of their life. In fact eating healthy food and exercising regularly helps in keeping the good mental health. There are different ways for keeping the mind fit and fine and to avoid mental illness like gaming, outdoor picnics, enjoying with friends, listening music etc.
Nutrition and Mental Health
Taking healthy diet that includes proper nutrition because proper diet increases the energy level of the person, his mood and physical healthy in a proper way. So every person takes the nutrition as per the requirement of his body for keeping his mental and physical fitness. Choosing that food which a good source of energy and eating them is very helpful for good mental and physical health but that food may not work for every person as every person and their boy requirements differs. To know that which food is best for you by consulting your health care professional and understanding that what type of food supplements are good for steadying the energy level. For mental health person should avoid alcohol, smoking fatty foods, salt or sugar as over taking of these things are bad for health.
Exercise and Mental Health
Physical exercise is good for everyone and especially to the older adults as they are growing old sooner so to keep themselves fit in the older age they must exercise from the earlier. Physical exercise makes the person more energetic and ready to face challenges of his life in fact it strengthens the person to live his life up to his best level and spread happiness everywhere.
Sleep and Mental Health
Proper sleeping for at least 8 hours is very important for every person to be healthy otherwise improper sleep annoys the person for whole day and affects his work performance also. Every person needs to perform various duties or work for the whole day for doing this work they need good sources of energy for the whole day. So, with proper sleep when they woke up in the morning after completing his sleep then this gives him energy for the whole day for doing his work.
Stress and Mental Health
There are various causes of stress like workplace problems, accident, illness, disease or family responsibility and these affect the mental health of the person. So to be mentally fit firstly the person needs to handle his stress and keep it far away from his life.

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