Exercise and Health

Importance of Physical Activity and Fitness

Physical activity and fitness plays an important role in the health of the person and if a person wants to be healthy then he must focus on his physical fitness or activities which keep him healthy and strong all the time. Exercising regularly and performing physical activities keeps the person far away from many diseases and it also increases the life of the person. In fact in a research it has shown that physical fitness can increase the life of the person up to 5yeras and will keeps him mentally fit as well. Physical activity keeps the person’s body in shape and there are many benefits of it like reduced stress, better sleep, quality of life, strong relationship, sense of purpose and social connectivity etc. So in every perspective physical activity and fitness is good for every human being as it gives various benefits to them.
Benefits of Physical Activity

  • It keeps the person healthier.
  • Increases the chances of living longer life.
  • It makes the person feel better about him.
  • Reduces the chances of depression.
  • Gives better sleep at night.
  • Look better.
  • Be in proper shape.
  • Get around better.
  • Gives strong bones and muscles.
  • Maintain or achieve a healthy weight.
  • Meet new people or be with your friends.
  • Have fun and pleasure in life.

Risks involved with Lack of Physical Activities
On the other hand, if the person is having lack of physical activity then this could trouble him a lot and he needs to face various problems that could be unhealthy for him. There are various disadvantages of avoiding physical activities as once if they start doing physical exercise then they needs to do it regularly otherwise it shows its side-effects on the health of the person and the person feels lazy or lethargic all the time. So it becomes important for them to perform a little exercise but it needs to be regular and their body becomes habitual of it so they need some physical work to do to burn their calories daily. There are some disadvantages of Lack of Physical Activities as follows:-

  • Stress, anxiety and feeling of depression.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Colon cancer, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • Dying prematurely.

These are the risks which are involved with lack of Physical activities so to avoid these risks every person should exercise regularly and should take healthy diet that keeps them happy and healthy all the time. Otherwise if a person is suffering from any disease then his health troubles not only his family but it also affects his work performance so to keep peace and happiness every where every person should take care of his health and also of his dear once. When a family is health then they motivates other and their colleagues also to be healthy so when a society is healthy then it keeps a country healthy. So for the healthy nation everyone should keep then self healthy, wealthy and wise.

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