Exercise and Health

Reasons of Unhealthy Lifestyle

There are many reasons for unhealthy life style and many a times it has seen that people are facing problems in their life but they do not know the main reason behind it and which is unhealthy life style. Unhealthy life style creates various problems in the life like work pressure, stress, disinterests in eating and many other reasons which creates problems. When the routine of the person is not regular and the sleeping or awakening time is not fixed then it creates problem and become one of the reasons for unhealthy life style. There are various reasons for this and some of them are as follows:-

  • Lack of Planning:- When a person does not plan his daily life properly then this affects his health a lot. So for a healthy life style it is important to follow a plan and work accordingly. This will systematize everything correctly and will give ample of time for fulfilling all your duties effectively.
  • Differences in Personal and Professional life:- It is important for the person to understand the difference between personal and professional life and they should not bring their wok tension into home for a healthy life style. Because home is the place where family members spends quality time with each other and every family member expects that you must give their time to them so avoid bringing work tension into home.
  • Wasting Time:- When a person wastes his time by watching television unnecessary for a longer time, and eating unhealthy food during that time then this creates problems not only on their health but also waste their time which could be used for some quality work.
  • Unhealthy food habits:- If a person develops habit of eating unhealthy food all the time or eats food more than his hunger and sometimes less than his hunger then all these thing creates problem in their life and become a cause of health problem.
  • Avoiding physical activities or exercises:- When a person involves so much himself into work and forgets about his physical health then he needs to face various diseases in his early age. So to avoid these health problems find some time of at least 30 minutes for exercising daily for a good physical and mental health.
  • Depended on gazettes:- When a person become habitual of gazettes and it become important for him to have his gazettes with him all the time then this becomes a big problem of his life. SO the person should not waste his time with these gazettes foe unnecessary reason in fact he should control himself becoming habitually of anything.
  • Lack of drinking water:- Water is very important for human being because for the better functioning of the body proper amount of water must be taken by then and if they drink fewer amounts of water then it creates various health problems to them.
  • Taking smart phones into bed:- It is very bad habit of taking smart phone into bed and then sleeping with it and for reading messages disturbing your sleep in the mid-night.

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