What are the causes of unhealthy life style?

Today human life has become so complicated or difficult that it affects their health directly which is not good for life. As the facilities and technology is increasing very fast it has made the human being lazy and depends on their every work for these. In fact they relay totally of machines, gazettes or equipments for their daily work which affects their health a lot. That is why teenagers are facing great health problem in their small age which is not good for the society and nation. Every person wants to live life in their own way and do not follow any routine which ultimately affects their health that is why unhealthy life style has become part of various person. This life style troubles them a lot which disturbs their personal and professional life both. There are various reasons of unhealthy life style and some of them are as follows:-
• Prioritizing or no planning:-Irregular planning affects the lifestyle of the person and this put them into trouble. Every person is surrounded by his family, friends or relatives and they expect something from them so it is important to prioritize your loved ones or plan your life.
• Watching television:-Watching television for a longer period of time is not at all good for the health in fact it creates many health problem. Now day’s children are so found of television that they spend their maximum time watching it which affects their mental health also.
• Bringing work tension into home:-It is important for every individual to understand the difference between home and office because both are different places and if we mixes them or brings work tension into to home then it puts negative impact on the life style of the person.
• Eating too little or too much:-An Irregular food habit affects the life and overeating or under eating creates health problems. So it is important to take a balanced diet for a health life.
• No time for work out or exercise:-Too be fit it is important to work out or exercise regularly if this is not possible to do regularly then running, jogging or swimming is also a good option to be fit and healthy.
• Addiction to gadgets:-Gadgets has become an important part of our life today but addicted to it is unhealthy because when a person becomes use too to it then he find time to spend on it. Regularly spending time on gadgets separates the person form society and closes one.
• Sleeping with smart phones:-Keeping smart phones on the bed at the time of sleeping and disturbing oneself mid-night for checking mails or messages affects your sleep which is not at all good for the health. Proper sleep is very important for every person ads it keeps the person healthy and fresh.
• Drinking less amount of water:-Water is very important for human being and if they avoid drinking it or drink fewer amounts of it then they faces various health issues which creates problem in their life.

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