Education and Academic

Education plays an important role in human life and academic performance shows the chances of a child to achieve something in the near future. When a student is interested in a particular field, game or subject then it could be predicted that what he or she is going to become in future. That is why it is said that every child should perform well in his academic because it is the only place where the knowledge of the child is enhanced or improved in a best possible way. Every small or big thing about the life is taught in the academic that develops the thinking or knowledge of the child. The selection the academy should be correct for the child because choosing a wrong academy for the education of the child may destroy his future so this decision should be taken by the parents very carefully. Education is very important for the up bring and development of a child so every child should be educated. In fact academies should plan their educations system in such a bay that a child could learn everything very easily and then should modify their system from time to time. With the changing technology the education system also needs to be upgrade for the better serving of knowledge to the children. Today with the latest technology and system it is possible to teach every child in a better way which can not only brighten their future but also make them a good human being. Education gives knowledge of every section of the society and teaches them how to behave or like is a society. It gives a great person to the society which is known for their work for lifelong because they makes best possible use of their knowledge or education and utilizes them in the best way.
Importance of education
Education is an important part of human life and these are some of its importance as follows;-
• Education makes the person capable of reading and writing.
• It helps in communicating and understanding anything.
• It helps in learning a particular language.
• Education raises the liking standard of the person and makes him presentable in front of the society.
• It makes the person capable of earning money by holding a particular degree for doing job or business.
• Education makes the person engineers or doctors which are needed for serving their services to the society.
• It raises employment opportunities.
• It is necessary for the growth of the society and nation both.
• It is important for the achievement of new land marks in the life.
• It gives a recognition and name to the person in the society.
• It develops the sense of responsibility, knowledge and discipline in a person.
• It makes the person a good human being and educates him how to behave with others or how to treat them.
• It makes the person not only independent but gives them power to take their own decision with worrying about others.

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