Summer Fun Facts

Summer is the best time for everyone. It is the only time of the year that students wait for. What can be better than no studies, all day play with cool sips? Absolutely nothing! But did you ever know the strange, weird and interesting facts this part of the year has? Well, here are some really amazing facts that I bet you didn’t know before…
Just like you, me and us, the first day of summer has been celebrated for centuries by people around the world. Now according some mythological roman story the names of the key summer months have Roman origins. June is named after Juno, who was the wife of Jupiter. Marc Antony named July after Julius Caesar and August was named after Caesar’s nephew, known as Augustus.
Many things don’t appear the way they seem to and so is it with summer. Even though this is the longest day of the year, it’s not the hottest, due to something called seasonal temperature lag, which means that it takes a while for the oceans to let their stored summer solstice heat back into the air. That’s why it tends to be hotter in July or August than in June. And surprisingly, people in the Southern Hemisphere have their longest day of summer in December. Wonder, how they make snow man during Christmas holidays.
One of the more annoying parts of summer is the mosquitoes, which have been around for 30 million years. It’s said they can find warm-blooded mammals from 100 feet away. Don’t be alarmed, but until the early 19th century there was no summer vacation. Depending on the location of schools breaks came either quarterly (town schools) or to coincide with planting and harvest seasons (rural schools). School summer vacations were invented by educator Horace Mann in 1840. We love this man now, don’t we! Summer vacations in other parts of the world are much shorter than in the US. And they talk about equality
France’s Eiffel Tower can grow by more than 6 inches in summer due to the expansion of the iron on hot days. The oldest song sung as a round in English is about summer. It’s called Summer is Icumen In. if got nothing to do this summer, download this song on your ipod and hum to its tune all day long.
The word honeymoon has associations with summer. The Pagans used that name for the first full moon in June because they drank fermented honey (mead) as part of summer wedding celebrations.
Ice pops were invented by accident in 1905 by 11 year old Frank Epperson. He mixed soda and water and left the mixture out overnight with the stirring stick still in it. Since the temperature was low, the mixture froze. He patented the idea in 1924. Way to go Frank!
Many people enjoy throwing Frisbees in summer, but they were originally designed as pie plates in the 1870s. Students started throwing them in the 1940s. It is advised that you don’t throw pies this summer. Don’t want to be grounded in summer, do you? Summer camps in the US date back to the start of the 20th century. There are more than 12,000 camps in the US. Of these, 7,000 are resident camps. If got nothing to do in summer, grab a back pack and set for the summer camp!

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