Low Budget Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Marketing is instrumental in the success of any business. We’re not saying that it needs to be worth some thousand dollars, it just needs to be smart. Especially when you’re just starting out and are on a low budget, you don’t have to put your marketing on hold till the time you start getting an inflow of sufficient budget. Here, we’ll be diving in some easy marketing ideas that do not require a high budget.

Work On Your Elevator Pitch
No matter where you’re – friend’s wedding, family dinner, attending kid’s soccer game, etc. you always need to promote your business. The most efficient way to do this is by having a captivating elevator pitch. COnsidering that the attention span of the people is reducing day by day, you need to complete your pitch in 90 seconds.

Referrals Always Work
Referrals are certainly the most effective and economical ways to generate new business. However, most of us find it awkward to ask for it. Thankfully there are various ways to ask for referrals, like:
Simply ask via email, verbally, or at the bottom of your invoices.
Ask from your regular clients, rather than all.
Be proactive at providing referrals.

Invest In Influencer Marketing
If there’s one area that’d consume a majority of your marketing budget, that is influencer marketing. People tend to buy what they know from people they trust. However remember that when looking for influencers, focus on quality more than quantity. Make sure you’re choosing an influencer specific to your own industry. Offer him/her free products or service in exchange for a product review or promotion.

Publish Good Quality Content
Having a blog is the easiest way to market your business. It doesn’t cost anything other than your time. Writing a blog doesn’t mean you’ve to be a professional writer, that’s not why people will do business with you. Ensure that your blog is not too salesy. It is genuinely educating people. It’s okay to subtly push your product or service in the middle of it, but that shouldn’t be a sole intention behind the same.

Offer Discounts
This is especially applicable if you’re just starting out. Don’t hesitate to offer free samples of your products or free service for the initial period. If your target audience like what they are offered, they certainly won’t mind paying for it in the future. So be proactive and constantly listen to their opinions and feedback too.

Don’t Underestimate Personalization
Personalization can never go out of style. You can write a handwritten thank you note for your customers, or shoutout in a video or a social media post. This little act will result in them mentioning about you to their network. The key here is to make them feel like a VIP. So, always take some time to show your customer how precious they’re to you.

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