5 Quick Tips For Healthier Skin In Winter

It’s that time of the year! Oh yes, you know it’s that time of the year when your skin needs a bit of extra care. Winter can literally wreck havoc on your skin if you keep neglecting it. But, there are multiple ways you can take care of your skin without investing much time in it. Here, we have elaborate a few of them.

– Keep an eye on your shower time and temperature
Although it may seem tempting to take long steamy showers, remember your skin may not appreciate that. A good 5 to 10 minutes lukewarm shower would be enough for your skin. This is what AAD suggests too. Also, you should avoid washing your hands for too long in extremely hot running water as it may end up leaving your hands red and dry. In case you’re using a restroom hand-dryer, do it only until your hands are damp and not dry.

Skin Care

– Don’t forget moisturizing
We can’t emphasize enough on this. It’s important to keep yourself moisturized throughout, however, during winters, it’s more important than ever. It’s recommended to use cream or ointment in winters wheares lotions are better when used in summers. If possible, you should apply a hand cream after each wash and use waterproof gloves while doing dishes.

– Wear comfortable clothing
Make sure to keep away from wool and rough clothing as it can cause irritation and itching on the dry skin. You may choose to wear light layers made out of soft and breathable materials on your skin. Even if you prefer wool gloves, you must consider putting cotton or skin glove liners first.

– Eat well and keep yourselves hydrated
You can consider taking supplements enriched with omega 6 or omega 3 fatty acids if you’ve very dry skin. It’s recommended that you eat fresh seasonal vegetables in the winter season. However mostly, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized from the outside.

– Don’t use exfoliators much
Although exfoliating is a good practice, it must be limited to once a week especially in winters. When your skin is already dry due to cold weather, exfoliating may result in even more dryness and roughness. You should consider exfoliating depending on your skin type. In case of very dry skin, exfoliate very lightly and if you have oily or a combination skin, you can consider exfoliating once a week if you must.

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