5 Easily Accessible Superfoods For Weight Loss

With lockdown and stay-at-home orders imposed, one of the most common things that happened to the majority of us is weight gain. And now weight loss seems like a tough goal to accomplish. So to help you ease the journey, one of the easiest ways is to include some superfoods that are loaded with nutritions and are low in calories into your diet to aid your weight loss. So without much ado, let’s quickly hop on to the list.

1. Almonds
Almonds are a great snack option high in essential nutrients and minerals with both protein and fibre that are important for weight loss. Almonds being rich in monounsaturated fats make the skin look healthier. They are a rich source of vitamin C and zinc that helps in suppressing cravings for sweets. So, start your day with a handful of soaked almonds and kick start your day.

2. Egg Whites
Egg whites are a healthier breakfast option for those who’re conscious about their weight. Egg whites have more protein and are low in calories too. One more reason why it is a popular choice is because it keeps you satiated until lunch and one doesn’t feel the need for snacking between the meals.

3. Lentils
Being a rich source of fibre, proteins, and starch, your normal dals like moong, masoor, and urad are capable enough of making you lose weight. Lentils boost the metabolic process which helps you burn fat faster.

4. Green Tea
Green tea increases your body’s metabolism which improves its potential to help burn the fat faster. It has catechins and also has diuretic that make this possible. Consuming green tea regularly also reduces the ability of the body to absorb fat which boosts the process even more.

5. Flaxseeds
When in the mood for snacking, trust flaxseeds. They are low in calories and rich in fibre that helps you stay fuller for long. Flaxseeds are also very nutritious and provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids that are good for preventing obesity. They are best known to suppress your appetite.

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