How to Study For Exams

How to study is the most common problem faced by students. Every student wants to do well at exams and be successful in it. Students should follow the right method of studying that will help them in learning the subject well. Avoid studying when you are tired. Start studying in the morning. Seek help for guidance on difficult topics. Consult someone who is an expert in the subject and knows it well. It can be friends or family members. You can also consult teachers. Some tips of how to study for exams are as follows.
Make Timetable
Devote proper time for studies. Do not think that you will do well by studying just before the exam. Avoid last minute cramming. It is important to make timetable and study according to it. Divide time to different subjects while covering the whole syllabus. Organize the studies according to the syllabus, giving enough time for each topic. Some subjects need more time while some take very short time. Divide the time according to your capability and requirement. Take frequent breaks during the study and devote some time for exercising.
Rereading and Rewriting
Re-reading is the best method of studying social subjects. Instead of memorizing the topics, learn the topic properly. Do not copy the exact words of the topic and learn to write the topic in different words after understanding it. Rewrite the notes by mind mapping. Thinking about the written notes will give you hold on the topic and your memory will be refreshed. Rewrite old notes and it will help in understanding the topic well.
Avoid Cramming
It is not good to cram the book just one day before the exam. It causes overload of information and you will fail to memorize the topics. You will not remember anything as the brain fails to retain anything. Ensure that you study much before the scheduled day of exam and give enough time for learning while studying it many times. Theory subjects like history are learnt in this manner.
Studying Math
Use different methods for learning different subjects. There is no use of reading math like history. You have to learn the method of solving the math problems and you should do it much before the exam. It is not possible to solve math problems just before the exam. You have to learn to do calculations and solve the questions.
Get Proper Sleep
Students should sleep well at night and avoid studying late at night. Sleep well the night before the exam. Students who are studying in elementary school should sleep for ten to eleven hours. Poor sleep slows the performance and affects the studies very badly. A good sleep will help in improving the performance and help in doing well at studies.
Keep the Study Area Neat
A well-organized study area will help in improving the performance at studies. There should be proper place for keeping the books and notes. Ensure that the studying area has good lighting. The chair on which you sit should be comfortable. Do not keep any computer games near the study area. Remove all things from the study area that cause distraction. Some students like to study in silence while some like background music. Keep the study area neat, organized and free of clutter.

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