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How to Fight Stress

Stress in limited amount is a part of life when it becomes too much, it can cause serious problems. It is not possible to avoid stress. Stress can be controlled by proper planning. Exercise will help in making the body healthy. It will make an individual strong to face the tough situations of life. It is important to sleep well. Stress can be reduced by controlling thought and emotions. Learn techniques to deal with problems. Following are some tips on how to fight stress.
Avoid Multitasking
Do not take too many things at one time. Take one task at one time. Multitasking can cause severe stress. Avoid texting when driving and using the computer while eating. People open facebook on the phone while talking to other people. This is one of the main reasons of stress as the brain has to work at different things and it can become scattered, causing problems of stress. It creates a feeling of madness. Focus on one task, do one thing at a moment. Go to the next task after finishing the first task.
Avoid Stressors
Disconnect with stressors and stay away from these situations. Keep the computer and laptop switched off. Keep away the cell phone. Talk to family members instead of watching television. Talk to people and share stories and jokes. It is a good way of relaxing and stimulating the mind. Switch off LCD screen while avoiding artificial light. Stay close to loved ones and connect with them.
Learn To Relax
Learn techniques of relaxation. Yoga and meditation can help in decreasing stress. Deep breathing can relax you and decrease stress. When you inhale, the stomach should rise. Exhale slowly from the mouth. Smiling can decrease stress. It makes you feel happy and happy people do not have stress. Loud laughter can also help. Read funny jokes that make you feel happy. Stress can be decreased by forced smiling and laughing.
Become Social
Connecting with friends can help in decreasing stress levels. Staying alone in isolation can cause mental problems and heart disease. Social support plays a very important role in preventing stress. Develop friendship with other people. True friends are a real asset.
Avoid Perfectionism
Do not aim at perfection. It is not possible to be perfect at everything. People who struggle to be perfect develop heart disease. When we are constantly striving to be perfect, we can become hostile to others and develop feelings of anger towards others. Avoid this tendency and develop an optimistic attitude towards the future. Think that the future will be good.
Do Not Hold Grudges
Sometimes, the main cause of stress is our grudges towards other people who may have wronged us. Do not hold grudges in your heart as it can increase stress and cause rapid heart rate. It is important to forgive all people against whom you hold grudges. Forgiving is the key to developing good social relationships. It is the best method to decrease stress caused by relationships.
Drink Tea and Eat Magnesium Rich Foods
Drink black tea as it helps in decreases stress. It makes you feel relaxed. The daily intake of black tea should be one or two cups. You can also drink green tea. Green tea contains L-Theanine, which reduces stress. Eat foods that contain magnesium. Some foods that contain magnesium are spinach, soybeans, brown rice, avocados, banana, figs and dark chocolate. Include these foods in diet.

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