How to start praying?

Time spent with God is always useful. Prayer should be as much a part of our daily routine as eating, drinking and talking. Spending time with almighty is essential for healthy spiritual growth and not an optional decision, yet many experience frustration knowing that our prayer life could be much more than it is. However, starting a regular prayer routine can be difficult.
Prayer is an act which makes us introspective or act that seeks to activate a rapport with a almighty, an object of worship, or a spiritual entity through deliberate communication. Prayer can be a form of religious practice, may be either individual or communal and take place in public or in private that does not matter your motive matters. It may require poem the use of words or song. No matter which language you use, prayer may take the form of a hymn, incantation, rhyme, formal creed, or a spontaneous utterance in the praying person.
Prayer is often used as a means of faith healing in an attempt to use religious or spiritual means to prevent illness, cure disease, or improve health. Some attempt to heal by prayer, mental practices, spiritual insights, or other techniques, claiming they can summon divine or supernatural intervention on behalf of the ill. Others advocate that ill people may achieve healing through prayer performed by them.
Here are some useful instructions on how to begin your personal prayer life:
Choose a designated daily time to meet with God.
Write it in your diary. Fix the confirm time in your mind. If your prayer time is not when you first get up in the morning, remember nonetheless to make contact with Almighty first thing in the day. And make sure to keep time for what you decided.
Set a specific minimum amount of time for your daily appointment with Almighty.
This may vary, depending upon your circumstances. At times it may increase – or emergencies may reduce it. On holidays, vacations, and days off, plan on spending extra time with God.
Choose a regular location where you can meet recite prayer quietly.

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