How to pray for Health?

There is proof of the power of prayer in the recovery from illness when it is focused by doctors, nurses, friends, and well-wishers of the patient. The dynamic potential that is tapped is the agreement held within the focusing group’s desire to bring forth the highest and best good for the person. The desire is usually limited to the person returning to an apparently “healthy” state. However, that is not always the true highest and best “good” for that person, since the purpose of the lifetime is usually unknown to the person and to those attending them, so it is best to leave the focus open. Further the person themselves may have already placed their decision as to their future into the flow of creation. Again this brings us back to the concept of thought thinking. The flow of creative energy that focuses each individual into manifestation to begin with and then maintains them in focus is intelligent thought thinking and is totally aware of what the highest and best good is in every instance when it is directed to think within that concept.
Other studies have found that people who are religiously active tend to be healthier. This may be due to the power of prayer, but it could also be explained by a tendency toward clean living.
It is natural to be frightened when we become ill. We feel vulnerable. We worry; we want to know that everything will turn out all right. We sometimes feel alone even when loved ones are by our side. The illness lies within us, and no one else knows exactly how we feel. Prayer has the power to transform our fear into faith. It reminds us that we are never alone. Everything we are, body and soul, is in the hand of God, whose presence fills the universe and who is as close to us as our own breath. No matter what this unpredictable world sends our way, with God by our side we can find the strength to confront our fears. So pray and welcome God’s healing power.

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