How to Bless Your House?

House blessing prayers can be used to pass blessings and good tidings to your house. In the Bible when there was a need for protection and guidance it was tradition to annoint the persons head with oil. Usually this was done to Kings to verify God had sent them to be ruler over the land.

  1. What you will need to accomplish both, are water, bergamot oil, squirt bottle and a sage smudge stick. In order to cleanse your home, I would get the squirt bottle and fill it with Holy Water and five to seven drops of Bergamot Oil.
  2. Holy Water is easy to make. One of the more simpler ways to make it, is to say a prayer over the water as it is entering the bottle. The prayer should be of one of love and purity. (ex.- [insert name of higher power here], please bless this water as I so bless it.) Bergamot is an herb with strong protection properties.
  3. Once you have the mixture ready, pick a room to start in. Always move clockwise within the rooms and within your house. Before you start, say this prayer, [insert name of higher power here}, please cleanse this house as i so cleanse it.” When you are ready, start in one room, saying “I cleanse this house, I cleanse this space.” as you spray clockwise around the room. Do so with all rooms in the house, moving clockwise.
  4. Once you have cleansed your house, you are ready to bless it. Always cleanse and then bless, never the other way around. I say this, because you do not want to bless or keep anything negative within the home. Okay, now on to blessing.
  5. Get your sage stick, start in the same room that you chose to start with before when you were doing the cleansing. Light the sage stick. Before you start say the following prayer: “[insert name of higher power], please bless this house as I so bless it.” Then moving clockwise around the room, and from room to room, say the prayer: “I bless this house, I bless this space” as you are going about your house. When you have finished with all of the rooms in your home, you are done. You have now cleansed and blessed your home.

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