How to Pray for Others

Sometimes we can feel powerless in trying to help others. They may have alcohol, drug or horrifying life issues. It’s one of those things where no one actually has to ask for your assistance, you merely ask God to help them with what they need. We can help them because we can pray for them.
Get to know the person for whom you are praying. This will accomplish two very essential things. First, it will make you do something for others. Secondly, it should make the person you are praying for more close to you.
To pray for others is right and good thing asking, above all, that they may be receptive to almighty , and thus receive physical, mental, or spiritual help direct from the Divine power. This is the basis of all prayer. God’s blessing is ever present; receptivity is often lacking. Prayer heightens receptivity.
When you are affirming healing for others or yourself, visualize the tremendous force of God’s healing power as a white light surrounding you or the person for whom you are praying. Feel that it is melting away all illness and imperfection. Every uplifting thought we think, every prayer we utter, every good action we perform, is impregnated with God’s power. We can manifest this power in greater and greater ways as our faith becomes stronger and our love for God becomes deeper
When you pray for others and fail to forgive another person, that un-forgiveness keeps answers at bay. When you pray, you must not complicate prayer but stay in a spirit of humility and repentance. We can’t be out of sorts with a loved one while we pray for others.

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