Medical Treatments

How to raise money for medical treatment?

There are times in life when someone in your family may have a serious illness and require special treatment at a medical center specializing in a certain disease. Sometimes your insurance won’t pay for the treatment, or will only pay part of the treatment. At times your insurance will pay for treatment but you still need travel money for fuel, food and hotel. Here are some suggestions about accomplishing money for medical treatment.
1 .Call the administrator of your health insurance plan, if you have one, and find out unerringly what is covered and what is not covered.
2 .Call the medical facility you will be visiting. Ask them pointed questions about the cost of the treatment. Ask them if they have any program for people with minimal or no health insurance coverage. Ask them if they know of any financial aid facilities related to their treatment center. If there are no programs for financial assistance, ask them if they will allow you to make financial arrangements to pay any residual balance after treatment.
3. Check with extended family members to see if anyone is in a position to financially help with the idea that you will pay them back.
4 .Talk to your place of worship, if you have one. Often they will have a fund for members for emergencies or medical emergencies. If you’re specific religious organization cannot help, send a letter to the largest religious organizations in your city explaining the situation and asking for help.
5 .Talk to business owners and ask them if they will allow you to put a money collection plastic bottle in their place of business. Place a letter explaining your situation and needs around the bottle and hope that people will donate money as they come and go from the establishment.
6 .See if you can organize a supper such as a chili supper. The idea is to get food organizations to donate the food and then to have volunteers cook the food. The profit is used to help you in conjunction with other sources of collection efforts.
7 .Make a list of friends and acquaintances from school and church. It is not necessary that you know them well. Look up their addresses and write letters explaining your circumstances. Tell them that you apologize for imposing on their friendship but that you feel that you have no choice but to ask.
8 .If you follow the above steps, expect that you will get the financial assistance you need. Always remain truthful with respect to your needs. If you do not have the funds covered tell people and if you do tell people. Constant and consistent effort will get the job done. Do not give up even though it can get discouraging.

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