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How to raise awareness for breast cancer?

Breast cancer occurs when malignant cells form and replicate in breast tissue. A great number of people–over 200,000 women and over 1,000 men–are diagnosed with the disease each year. Knowing how to raise awareness for breast cancer and taking steps to do so may be among the most important things you ever do. There are many ways to help raise awareness, from canvassing for donations to running sponsored marathons. People of all ages and income levels can effect real change.
Some steps that could help to spread awareness about breast cancer-
1 Ask your doctor how often you should be checked for symptoms of breast cancer. It’s important to fight this disease on a personal level, as well as at a community checking with the doctor would help fight the disease better.
2 Encourage others to have themselves examined. Breast cancer is no longer a forbidden subject. Raise your breast cancer I.Q. by reading all you can on the subject. 4 Volunteer in your area to learn more about breast cancer and to help yourself and others gain a sense of control over the illness. Perhaps someday breast cancer will be eradicated. Every bit of effort in that direction makes a real difference.
5 Donate money or time to the National Breast Cancer Coalition. There are numerous ways to get involved, whether you want to take part in a community walk-a-thon or organize a major fundraising event in your hometown.
6 Think pink. Many major retailers will donate a percentage of your purchase to breast cancer research when you purchase certain products. Since pink is the color associated with breast cancer awareness, buy it or take it where available to spread the pink ribbon for the motive associated with.

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