How to find a fascinating movie to watch?

You spend a lot of money on watching movies. Buying DVDs, spending money in theatres and coming disappointed is not good. So it is better to do some research before going for movies and finding out movies which has to be seen as per your choice and understanding.

  1. Always do some research before deciding to watch or purchase a movie DVD. This will help you to understand the nature and the jest of the movie and then later you can select whether it is appropriate as per our likes and needs.
  2. Before you go to the video store, or log-in to your Internet based movie supplier, think about what kinds of movies you really enjoy. Do you like comedies? If so, what kind of comedies? And who are in those? And who directs those? Start building a list of people whose work you enjoy. Those could be your first clues to finding obscure movies that you will love.
  3. Like reading all of the volumes of your favourite author, try watching all of the cinemas by your favourite director. Or watching all of the films starring your favourite performer. If you take those in direction, too, you can receive an extra level of vision into the development of that person’s work. A great reserve to make such a list is, the Internet movie database.
  4. Lists are the best. They help bring order and sophistication to movie watching, adding deeper levels of thought and appreciation. The American Film Institute,, has generated lists of the Top 100 movies but also lists of the best heroes/villains, the best stars, the best songs, etc.
  5. Another idea is to type the name of your favourite movie into a retailer, like, that offers suggestions of other movies that interest people who like that one. Like a rabbit hole, once you start looking at the derivatives of that type of search, who knows where it will lead. And there are thousands (maybe millions) of web forums and blogs that offer tips about favourite films.
  6. So next time you are looking for a movie, go with a plan. Invariably, it will turn out better than using the random grab bag approach.

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