How to Find Movie Theatre Listings?

The movie every weekend or at least once in a month is one of the major pass time activities which everyone does. So it is important to know where to go and watch the movie. So please follow some of the guidelines which will help you to reach the nearest option available.
Check show times by going to one of the online movie ticket organizations, such as or Fandango. Many big corporations trade tickets in union with chain movie theatres. This option is good for people who want to escape long lines or prefer buying tickets in advance. But you do not have to buy tickets to check out the listings.

  1. Enter your zip code and name of the movie in the search boxes at the movie ticket website. The results will display all the playhouses in your area that are running the film. Click on a theatre to view the show times and outline of the movie.
  2. Look for an “Entertainment” tab at the homepage of the site and a “Movies” sub menu in popular websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Have your favourite theatre in mind to give you a good starting point for the search.
  3. Call the box office of the movie theatre you frequent to hear a list of movie time, prices and details. Occasionally you can get info local to the theatre that you might not get online, such as mechanical snags.
  4. When you purchase tickets through an online agency, you pay an added service charge (arranged by the company and the theatre). Some movie fans consider this nominal fee a small price to pay for convenience.

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