Scandalous Moments in Oscars History

Hollywood’s elite go full throttle when it comes time to take the stage. Over the years we’ve seen everything from awkward musical numbers to full nudity at the Oscars. But hey, at least these scandalous moments make the show memorable.

1936: Screenwriter Dudley Nichols declines his Oscar.
Just a few years after the creation of the Academy Awards, screenwriter Dudley Nichols became the first of many to decline his Oscar. It was a “Best Screenwriter” award for The Informer. He refused the award as an act of solidarity with the Writers Guild, which was striking at the time.

1940: Hattie McDaniel wins Best Supporting Actress, but is seated at a different table.
Hattie McDaniel, the African American actress, became the first African American actress ever to receive an Oscar. She received it for her performance in Gone With the Wind. But producers had to convince the hotel hosting the Academy Awards to even let McDaniel attend the ceremony. She was finally allowed in, however, she had to sit at a segregated table away from her co-stars.

1942: ‘How Green Was My Valley’ wins Best Picture.
Oscar has seen major snubs. But none as big as this one. How Green Was My Valley received The Best Picture award in 1942. Citizen Kane was worthy of the award. It which went on to be considered the best movie of all time by many critics.

1961: Elizabeth Taylor wins Best Actress.
When Elizabeth Taylor received her award, it was on the heels of her affair with Eddie Fisher. Eddie Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds — America’s sweetheart. As a result, Taylor was seen unfavorably by many people. As if that wasn’t enough, she won for her role in Butterfield 8. In this movie, she plays the “slut of all time.” Needless to say, more than a few eyebrows were raised when she won.

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