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How to Decorate Baby Shower Cupcakes?

Cakes are nice, but cupcakes are such a fun way to celebrate any occasion. They look so adorable when decorated according to a theme and displayed creatively on a platter or cupcake stand. They can be simple or as elaborate as you please. Cupcakes have the perfect amount of icing in every bite, unlike some cakes. So whether the mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or girl, have some fun decorating the cupcakes for her shower.
1 Cool all cupcakes before getting started.
While cupcakes are cooling, get all of your supplies together and start making the icing.
2 Mix icing according to your recipe, or buy a pre-made tub of icing at the store.
Separate icing into smaller containers if you are planning on adding food coloring to create more than one color.
3 Roll out the fondant if you choose to make your own decorations.
An idea is to cut out trapezoid shapes in the fondant. Fold the narrow side of the trapezoid up and then fold the top two corners downward. The shape should resemble a little diaper. Use icing to make diaper pins. Check out the inspired by chocolate website listed below for fondant ideas.
4 Ice cupcakes with pink or blue icing and add clear sugar sprinkles.
These sprinkles look sparkly and elegant while being very simple and easy to do.
5 Add small decorations to the top of the cupcakes such as tiny baby feet, ducks, or trains.
You can make them out of icing or buy pre-made shapes. You can also add candies with the saying, “It’s a girl”, or “It’s a boy”.
6 Ice cupcakes to look like a baby face, and insert a real pacifier in the mouth.
The mom-to-be can keep the pacifiers as a gift. And she might like the special gesture and would remember it for long.

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