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Disadvantages of Oil massaging

Many times it has seen that with the lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of the people they put them into trouble while massaging their body with the wrong oil or the oil which is not suitable to their body. Everybody needs different oils that are suitable for their body not only from outside but also from the inside because the impact of the massaging also affects the internal body parts. So for this the selection of the oil should be correct otherwise one wrong selection may put you into danger. Oils contains some properties in itself and these properties make it worthwhile and useful for different purposes because some oils good for nourishing, some works for anti aging and some other for eczema treatment. But apart from its benefits there are some disadvantages of oil massaging because some people are making this disadvantageous for their own motive like they are mixing some chemicals with the oil and making it impure. These causes harmful effects over the body of the person using it and apart from this there are some other disadvantages of massing and these are as follows:-

  • Many people cannot take massaging only because it costs very expensive to them and they cannot afford it which makes it difficult for them to take advantage of it.
  • If a person is having massage but unfortunately the masseuse hurts the accidental injury of the person then this pain could be proved very hurtful for that person.
  • Massaging requires proper timing otherwise it would be useless and the person taking it would not be benefited by it.
  • Some people are very shy in nature and they cannot easily expose themselves in front of the other person and this makes it difficult for the masseuse to do massaging then this becomes one of its disadvantages.
  • Some people have very sensitive skin and their body easily resists to any change then massaging could be very harmful for them or it may cause some serious health problem also.
  • Sometimes massaging shows its unintentional after effects over the body of the person which is unpredictable and that could be seen in their body because these effects shows some signs on the body like red spots, itching, irritation etc.
  • Impurity or mixing of some chemical in the massage oil could be very dangerous for the client having it and this is unfair or cheating with them which need to be stopped immediately.
  • If the masseuses are not properly trained and in spite of this they are massaging their client then the mistake of the masseuses would make their client suffer for their mistake.
  • Great knowledge of oils and their usage for different purpose must be properly known to the masseuses and therapist as they are the only persons who suggest their clients for massaging their body with that oil which is best suitable for them. But if their knowledge is incomplete or improper then it could be very problematic for their clients and also to their business.

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