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WTF! FIFA is here, What do I wear for world cup 2014?

Call it football or call it soccer, when the arrival of FIFA is in the air, nothing matters. Except… what you will wear during to this football season. International designers come together and wrap their brains around for the World Cup to create their own masterpiece which could be as sporty as stylish. These designers try their best in blending in fashion, culture and the most important, the game, football. It’s all for the love of the game.
FIFA celebrates the heritage of it’s world cups with their global launch of the new limited edition of ‘FIFA Heritage Teens’. This is the autumn- winter collection which reveals the 100 years of football history in the form of an art. The stylish T- shirts commemorate previous years FIFA matches. This is done by featuring in the original tournaments logos, iconic posters and cute mascots.
Among the iconic art posters are France 1938, Sweden 1958, Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986. Highlights include the Mexico 1986 T shirts that display the official logo from the 1986 FIFA World Cup displaying the original 80’s style, and surprisingly which is trend this season. The Italia 1990 T shirt is seen featuring the world famous Stadio Olimpico which hosted the FIFA World Cup final between West Germany and Argentina. The Chile 1962 ‘Heritage Tee’ celebrates the FIFA World Cup returning to the continent of South America after 12 years by showcasing the official logo from this tournament.
One will easily find the Mexico 1986 and Italia 1990 T shirt collection. If observed well, these T shirts resemble a lot to the old ones except for the material that is used. For example, while a T shirt produced for the 1986 or 1990 World Cup will have been made of the heavier coarser cotton blends of the time. Whereas, the FIFA Heritage Tees utilize the much more comfortable premium lightweight cotton blends of today. Both also feature modern slim fits as opposed to the over sized looks of the late 1980s.
A retro appearance is observed on the Mexico 1986 and on the late1980’s design which was used for the Italia 1990 T shirts. The reason for its retro appearance is that it has the classic logo. And surprisingly it could be easily mistaken as a vintage item. Just for the love of the game, one has to ty out these T shirts. This collection is easily available on the FIFA official site.

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