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Players clicking Football selfies amidst FIFA World Cup fever!

The use of social media is growing at a rapid rate. Ever since it’s inception, it has generated a lasting impact on it’s users. With FIFA 2014 just around the corner, social media like Twitter has even developed the official hash tags for the football world cup. Well, social medias went to the heights of luring the players and teams around the world for selfies. These players with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram stay connected with their fans and develop a bond of closeness.
FIFA 2014 has finally set its date on 12th June, 2014. And the players have figured out a great deal to stay in touch with their fans and update on certain things. Some players have used the technique of selfies to connect with their fans. These football selfies are going viral on the Internet.
A selfie is nothing but a photograph of yourself that is taken by yourself. It would not be wrong to say that selfies are, majority of the times, taken with smart phones and uploaded on social media websites.
Many world cup teams had their selfies taken with their team members. Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Belgium, England, Germany, Mexico and Ivory Coast are some of the football selfies that one will get to see on Instagram. A couple of players going to the World Cup have posted images on Instagram with their team mates as they head out for the big match in Brazil. Juan Mata posted a selfie with his Spain and Man United team-mate, David De Gea. It is said that the former player is still not guaranteed in the final 23 but has made it to the 30 man squad.
Romelu Lukaku, posted with Belgian team-mates. Lukaku posted the selfie along with the message that they are all representing DR Congo. Another United star, Javier Hernandez posted a selfie with his Mexican team-mates, Guillermo Ochoa and Hector Moreno, from the plane. And it would not be wrong to say that the Mexican team has won the world cup of selfies. It all started when Mexico team’s coach Miguel Herrera tweeted with a selfie of himself and and his players on the field. And since then there has been a couple of football selfies on the way to World Cup FIFA 2014.
It will be not so long now that ‘football selfies’ will become a thing.

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