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When to use a corn as a topping?

Corn is one thing that most of us in almost every food dish. We all love corn. No one can say no to a corn. You will find corn in soup, in pizza and in some vegetable. But enough with the typical melted butter over corn or corn dipped in cream butter, try something new this summer.
How about some tomato, corn and cheese? This one is going to be your favorite corn toppings ever! Just take a small bowl. Throw in some sliced tomatoes, salt and parmesan cheese. Now add some cooked corn and mix it all well. The combination of tomatoes and corn is simply yum. And then the creaminess of the cheese will leave you speechless.
If you do not like such a plain topping of corn try this yummy way. This is the Taco seasoning where we will be using corn. Spread some butter on the corn so that the seasoning will stick well to it. Once the butter spreads well make sure that you sprinkle some taco seasoning over it. If you do not have one what you can do is take a bowl, add some chili powder, garlic salt and cumin and mix it all well. This will be the best corn you would have had ever in your life.
If you want a more like plain corn feel then avoid all the spicy taco corn style. Olive oil is anytime good and tasty. Spray some olive oil on the corn and you will get a sweet corn taste. If you want you can sprinkle some oregano or some herbs on the olive oiled corn if you want. You can also add parsley, garlic, rosemary or any other herb. Do not forget salt and pepper.
The barbecue cheddar corn is another scrumptious dish. If you have some burger or ribs o get going on a sunday afternoon or saturday night you should try this corn recipe. All you have to do is add some of your favorite barbecue sauce and cheese on some corn. Mix it all well and you are good to eat. If you want you can apply the cheddar and sauce to the corn and let it grill. And boy, every bite will be heavenly.
And just in case you do not have any herbs or barbecue sauces at home, just squeeze a lime on the corn. That is exactly what the Mexican did. This is the typical street side Mexican food. And again if you want a pinch of spiciness, add some chili powder over the lime rubbing.

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